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Meet Dr. Jenny Yu-Tzu Liu, D.C.

Dr. Jenny Yu-Tzu Liu

Growing up in Taiwan helped me see healthcare differently…

Raised knee-deep in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with my daily dose of herbal soups for dinner and talks of “liver fire”, I was always aware of the idea that healthcare was more than just conventional pharmaceutical medicine. Having stumbled upon Chiropractic near the end of my university education, I was immediately intrigued: not just by its concepts of drugless manual therapy, but also by the way I saw patients and their Chiropractors worked together as a team to improve both their lives. I realized I wanted to become the type of doctor that patients would enjoy visiting.

My Education…

After obtaining my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a major in Human Biology and a minor in Philosophy, I continued my studies and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). My education at CMCC helped me establish a scientific, evidence-based, patient-centred style of practice. I understood how passive and active care must be used simultaneously to achieve the best results. I am also trained extensively in lower limb assessments (legs, ankles, feet), and have developed a special interest in pediatric and pre/postnatal female care.

At Meadowvale Family Chiropractic & Massage…

As a trained Diversified practitioner, I employ various techniques in my treatment methods to accommodate patient preferences and body types. Fluent in both Mandarin and Taiwanese, I hope to provide my skills and services to a broader community in Meadowvale. I strive to continue expanding my knowledge, honing my skills, and refining my abilities to be a better practitioner. I believe inter-professional communication is the key to a successful healthcare system, so I will work not only with you, but also your other healthcare providers in order to create the most wholesome, comprehensive treatment plan for you.

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